DIY: Deck the Halls

Regardless of the lack of snow, I'm in the mood to decorate for the holidays! Christmas is just a few weeks away, so here are a few DIY ideas I think are a lovely twist on traditional decorations.

Firefly Christmas Lights 

Holiday Special: Deck the Halls

(courtesy of hayseedhomemakin.blogspot.com)

Materials you'll need:

1 strand of white lights- 50 count
2 yards of tulle

How to:

Cut squares (approximately 9 inches) of tulle. Cut squares (approximately 7 inches) of lace. Tie tulle and lace along the wiring of the lights. Tie one on each side of every bulb.

Front Door Wreath

Holiday Special: Deck the Halls

(Courtesy of teachcraftlove.blogspot.com)

Materials you'll need:

1 plain wreath
Faux floral of choice
Painted house numbers of choice

How to:

Wire the flowers through the vines and hot glue the painted numbers directly on the wreath. Simple as that!

Comment below with your holiday decor ideas :)

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