DIY: Holiday Chandelier

With the holidays quickly approaching, there's no doubt everyone could benefit from some last minute ideas for a touch of holiday spirit. Here's an easy and affordable decor idea that will instantly transform your home or festive gathering.

Simple bulbs and ribbon on a chandelier (via momsbyheart)


25-30 bulb ornaments of choice
Ribbon of choice
Adhesive if desired
A mount if needed (a preexisting plant hook works perfectly)

Tie two three-foot-long ribbons to your mount, knotting a bulb ornament at each end. Cut four more ribbons two-inches shorter than the first and tie them to your mount however you would like them to fall. Attach bulb ornaments to the ends. Build the next tier (again two-inches shorter than the last) with four more ribbons to create somewhat of an upside-down pyramid. If desired, use an adhesive to secure each ball to the one next to it so the arrangement can be stored with ease after the holidays.

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