DIY: Light Bright Manicure

I found this festive DIY manicure on thebeautydepartment.com. Enjoy!

  1. On clean nails, do a solid coat (or two thin coats) of white or off white polish.
  2. After the white polish dries, do one clear coat. The string will adhere to this so make sure it’s not too fast drying or too thin of a coat.
  3. Drape black string over the nail and let it loop as you see Lauren doing in the photo. Cut the string about 1/2 inch longer on each side of the nail. Don’t trim it down yet.
  4. Add a thin clear coat on top of the string to secure.
  5. Once that dries, trim the string down using cuticle nippers or small pointy scissors.
  6. Next is the fun part– adding your lights. Pick any colors you want!
  7. Last, do one coat of a quick drying clear polish.

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