DIY: Falling Snowflake Garland

I found this adorable DIY snowflake garland on ohhappyday.com. These are perfect for a winter wonderland themed holiday party, and can even be used to wrap gifts, decorate a mini tree, or hang in the window or on a mantle.


White balloons
Assorted papers
Snowflake punches (available at Michaels!)

Step 1: Begin by punching out lots of paper snowflakes. You can use any color and size you want. Gather your snowflakes and grab your thread and needle
Step 2: Thread about one-yard of thread onto your needle. Knot the very end. Sew through your first paper snowflake and push it down to the end.
Step 3: Create a french knot about one-inch away from your previously threaded snowflake. This will be the barrier that keeps the next snowflake from slipping down and resting on the last one. Continue this process until you have about 8-10 snowflakes per thread.
Step 4: Blow up a balloon, tie and knot in it. Gently take a garland, being careful not to tangle it against itself, and tie or tape it to the knot of the balloon. Release and let it float to the ceiling. Viola!

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