DIY: Sweet Little Votive Candles

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Craft glue
Small glass jar
Small cup
Paint brush
Light fabric

1. Measure the height and circumference of your jar, and cut strips of fabric to roughly fit (approx. 1cm wide – doesn’t have to be perfect).
2. In your small cup, pour in some glue and dilute it with a bit of water (about 1:2), mix well. It should be the consistency of slightly thicker water.. yes, I know I’m being vague but it shouldn’t make much difference to the end result.

3. Submerge your first strip of fabric in the glue. Once soaked, lightly run your thumb and forefinger down the strip to get rid of any excess glue.
4. Place the strip into your jar (pattern side facing the jar) and position it. Use your paintbrush to push any air bubbles out from between the fabric and the jar.
5. Repeat with the rest of your fabric. Allow to dry overnight before using.

NOTE- It would be best to use battery operated tea lights rather than real candles.

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