Loving This Look: Cake Liner

I just wanted to share this post from thebeautydepartment.com about cake liner, which is the perfect alternative for those of you who are afraid of liquid liner. It's a black matte shadow applied wet with a pointed liner brush. Here's how:

1. Dip your brush in running water from your sink to wet it then swirl it in circles in the shadow to load it up.
2. Practice drawing lines on the back of your hand by applying more/less pressure to see how it affects the width. {More pressure = wider, less pressure = thinner.}
3. Start at your inner corner and sweep the brush to the outer corner. You can also extend it out for a winged look or out + up for a cat eye. If desired, line your bottom lash line as well.

TBD recommends Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner.

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