Loving This Look: Teased Milkmaid Braids

(Photo & Tutorial courtesy of keikolynn.com)

What you will need:

Dry shampoo
Bobby pins


Spray dry shampoo at the roots, lifting as you go. Wait a minute or two and then brush it through.
Divide your hair into two sections, like you're doing a half-updo. Back comb underneath the top half and smooth over top. This will give you lift in the front.
Pin the newly teased section (make sure the top layer is smooth, to cover the mess) with a couple (or more, if you need them) of bobby pins. You can give the bump a little boost if you want - you don't have to just rely on the teasing.
Divide the lower section into two parts and braid. You can secure them with small elastics or just leave them loose.
Pull each braid to the opposite side of your head. Secure with bobby pins. You can tuck the ends underneath each braid.

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