Edible Obsessions: Watermelon Mimosa

This watermelon mimosa is not only a great summer drink to sip on out in the sun, it's also the perfect drink to make when you have guests because it's colorful, and a fun twist on the classic mimosa.

Watermelon Mimosa by laylita #Drinks #Watermelon_Mimosa #laylita

1 quarter of a large watermelon, about 5 cups cut in small pieces
Juice from 6 oranges, about 2 cups juice
1 bottle of chilled champagne, cava, prosecco or other sparkling wine
Sugar to taste, based on sweetness of the fruit
Mint to garnish
  1. Blend the watermelon chunks with the orange juice and sugar to taste until you have a smooth pure, strain if needed.
  2. Chill the watermelon orange mix in the refrigerator until ready to prepare the drinks.
  3. Pour the watermelon orange mix into champagne flutes, about half full.
  4. Add the champagne or other sparkling wine, pouring it gently to avoid from making a bubbly mess.
  5. Stir lightly and garnish with a fresh sprig of mint.

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