Loving this Look: Crown of Braids

1. Start with straight, wavy or curly hair.
2. Grab a section of hair above the ear and split it into 2 pieces.
3. Braid both pieces. (Gently loosen up the braid for a more natural, romantic texture.)
4. Cross them over each other as seen above and clip them to hold them in place while you do the same thing on the other side! If your hair is short and won’t reach, do 3 or 4 intersections of hair instead of just 2!
5. Once you finish the other side, take the two braids that go over the top, cross them over and pin them using small but strong bobby pins.
6. Take the two pieces that will go backward and tie them together. Add a couple of pins where the braids meet.
7. Add a few extra bobby pins around the crown of braids to keep them from slipping or moving.
8. A veil of hairspray isn’t necessary but will help keep things in place if your hair tends to slip.

photo & tutorial via / TBD

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