Beauty Note: 5 Things You Will Always Find in My Bag

1. Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment. This stuff is amazing and you can find it at just about any drugstore. I use it on my lips every day and on the occasional dry patch or cracked cuticle.
2. Mark. Mist Opportunity Facial Mist. Although this product is discontinued, I would recommend every girl has a bottle of facial mist with them. It freshens up your makeup, and is perfect for after a workout or any time you need a quick refresher.
3. Bath and Body Works Forever Sunshine Body Lotion. This is always nice to have to freshen your fragrance throughout the day and keep your skin soft and glow-y. I love this Forever Sunshine fragrance, it has a lovely balance of fruit-y and floral scents and it reminds me of summer every time I use it.
4. Nars Semi-Matte Lipstick in Heat Wave. Check out my recent Beauty Review for this lipstick. You never know when you might need your red lipstick, so I keep this with me at all times. It's definitely my go-to hue.
5. Tide To-Go Instant Stain Remover. Of course this is always in my bag. This stuff works miracles and admit it, we all make messes!

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