DIY: Mason Jar Luminaries

I think it's safe to say I love DIY decor involving mason jars, considering my first post about mason jar centerpieces. I think mason jars add such a charming and rustic touch to any event, or even add a little whimsical feel to your home decor. So, in honor of my mason jar obsession, here is another easy DIY project, and I can guarantee you will be seeing more mason jars in the future!

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Mason jars

Doilies or lace

Ribbon, string, or twine for decorating

Adhesive spray

How to:

1. Spray jar or doily/lace with adhesive spray.
2. Wrap and press doily/lace on jar, as smooth as possible.
3. If desired, decorate rim with ribbon, string, twine, or even burlap and add a charming accessory like pictured above.
4. Place a white votive candle in your mason jar and viola! You have a gorgeous luminary.


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